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Friday, March 1, 2019

Online Pure Silk Sarees Price in India by Fabfashionz

Pure Silk Sarees

The Pure Silk Sarees is preferred for its texture and natural luster. These fabrics are derived from silkworms from the forests rather than the mulberry trees. The silk sarees with rich and vibrant colors infused into the coarse texture.
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The Online Price of Pure silk sari is always meant to be costly or little higher compared to any other saris in the market, for a reason and it is availability, not all the cities have the culture of weaving of pure silk saris and the major supply is from south India.

genuine Price of Pure silk sari

This genuine Price of Pure silk sari with three silk threads used to weave them. The weaver's prices start from around 4,400 rupees for a sari with a simple border with pallu lines containing pure silk and gold frost jari or gold half fine Jari the retail store price are always margined 80% more than a purchase price from the weaver.
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The similar sari with a 4inch border with rich hand-woven pallu containing pure silk gold frost jari or gold half fine Jari prices start from around 5,300 rupees for a sari the retail store price is always margined 80% more than a purchase price from the weaver.

The Bridal saris made off genuine price of pure silk sari with four silk threads used with a silk frost jari or half fine Jari saris can cost 9,000 rupees and with a high-quality gold-plated Jari is around 40,000 rupees weavers price and again the retail store price is always margined 125 to 180% more than a purchase price from the weaver due to the surplus of demand.

Pure Silk Sarees Online

The Pure Silk Sarees pricing in retail store is always high due to the demand and on the other hand the manufacturing is not done throughout India and it is weaved only at a few places, which makes the availability of saris in less quantity, due to this space there are lots of storage throughout India selling the art silk or synthetic saris as pure silk sarees with high margins due to the lack of awareness on fabric among the people.

We here at fabfashionz.com procure genuine pure silk saris direct from weavers and weaver’s society and show the weaver’s hard work, the craftsmanship of our weavers on our online platform to enhance their skill and make them profitable.

We forward-thinking online store for Indian ethnic wear with our main focus provide the quality silk saris to our customers at the best price cheaper than a retail store with ethical business practice for over 45years now.

Fabfashionz | Direct from weavers & society | Best pricing 

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